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So I’m at a loss. The above lights come on at the most inappropriate time, every time. Yes I’ve searched and read pretty much every thread on this and I cannot resolve it.

2008 Pro4X, 137k miles.

I’ve been having intermittent issues with the above. Earlier this year I swapped in two new sensors, dielectric grease and wrapped the connections in electrical tape. Didn’t have an issue for several months.

It seemed like every time one or more of the following happened the lights came on. Temp got below 30 degrees, wet or ice slush roads, after letting the truck idle for 20 plus minutes, or I washed the wheel wells.

In comes fall, colder wetter weather, a little off road to go hunting but nothing heavy. Now two days ago the weather says we’re getting hit with the big one (snow) and the lights come on and stay on.

What I’ve done.

Multimeter test the circuits at all 4 corners. 12v at the connecter, with similar resistance at all 4 corners when unplugged from the system.

Wheel bearings checked by me and my mechanic. All 4 are good.

Ran each line as far as I can see and feel. Every corner at the hubs is new. But as far as I can tell no damage to any of the cables.

The fronts really seem to be my problems children. Usually I can clear the code but today the left front would not clear out. C1103 and C1104. After multiple attempts today to clear the codes C1104 remains.

What am I missing?
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In most Nissans, if those lights come on in unison it has to do with brake fluid levels. Have you checked that?
You check the resistance of the ABS wheel speed sensor itself on the front left?
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