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ABS, slip & tire air pressure sensor fix.

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How hard is it to replace the tire pressure, slip and abs censors? I'm having a few minor issues with sensors my '08 Titan 4x4. It starting when the air pressure warning light flashed a few times and has been on solid ever since. The air pressure is fine and the book says if it stays solid it's a sensor. Not much longer after that the abs and slip lights came on. I'm fairly certain it's because of some heavy duty rust.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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So the ABS/Slip is due to failure of the abs sensors at the corners. I've been dealing with it off an on. This time the error happens intermittently and the mechanic thinks there is a nick in the wire before the wire splits to go to the rear wheels. The tire pressure sensor just needs to be replaced.
No worries. The only concerning thing that I happened on the trip back to Ohio this past weekend was that along with the normal error, the brake and 4x4 light came on. (which had never happened before) But after I turned the truck off and back on went away. It should be going to the mechanic next week to get fixed.
Do you know how to replace the tire pressure sensor since it's in the tire? Do you have to deflate it?
You will have to deflate the tires and break the bead to get to the TMPS.
So the garage had it for a day, thought they fixed it and then had it for another day. Interestingly the red brake light and 4x4 warning lights came on and stayed on. These lights caused no errors to be thrown, which the mechanic thought odd, but probably tied to the ABD/Slip light. After much testing and removing and putting stuff back on they came to the conclusion that both rear wheel speed sensors failed. After replacing both everything is good again and no error lights have appeared. Also strangely, the truck seems to be driving much better. Smoother and better shifting, and it just feels happier again. No idea why, but I'l take it.
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