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Hi all,

I just joined the forums to share a solution that hopefully others may find useful. So drunk story short, I had my e-brake shoes and hardware grenade inside the rear rotor. Unfortunately when this happened the brake show spun around and wiped out my abs sensor and took 3 of the teeth from the tone/reluctor ring with it. Losing the ABS meant that I also lost the ability to use 4X4 which is a deal breaker for where I live. Now the proper way to solve repair this issues is to pull the axel, cut the bearing and race and remove the axel seal and finally the ring and then pressing new hardware on. I didn't have the hydraulic press to do such an operation nor the patience. Here comes the cheap "fix" what I did was mix some classic JB Weld up and used equal parts compound, hardener, metal shavings. I carefully applied the epoxy to the ring where the missing teeth were and used a coin to shape up new teeth. Adding the metal shavings allows the magnet inside the ABS sensor to pick up the presence of the teeth and relay the wheel speed back to the computer and BAM! No more warning light and 4X4 has been resorted.

Obviously this was not a real repair but could certainly help in a pinch if you need it! Hopefully nobody has to try this method of course haha.
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