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Access to the Fuel Pump...

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So, has anyone here ever cut a hole in the bed and made an access door to get to the fuel pump?
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this must be the question of the week...

if it is a KC, there is a support channel in the way, you need more room than you think to pull that pump STRAIGHT up. if your a CC, cutting a hole in the rear of the cab, really?.

for safety sake, don`t be lazy just remove the tank, run it down, siphon it out, whatever. support the tank, loosen the straps, let it down a few inches and disconnect the hoses and wiring connectors, disconnect the hose at the evap, through the wheel well disconnect the vent line and fuel filler hose, let the tank down and drag it out from under the truck.


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Is this the aFe setup you used to have?
yes. an internal muffler support/baffle broke loose from the ad streets of MD/DC, otherwise it would have still been on the truck.
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