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ACK! Dang birds!

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I washed my truck today. It wasnt all that dirty, but ya know how one's Titan has to be nice and clean so i washed it.
but, WTF! i rubbed off a couple bird bombs that were on my hood, but theres still a slight "blueish" stain mark on my nice Black hood.

this is the first time ive had this trouble with bird bombs. I always remove em as soon as i see them. but this bird must of had some mad radioactive crap!

whats out there that can remove stubborn bird bomb stains? help please... :)
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That's one thing I hate about birds...bird poop is highly acidic regardless of what the birdy has eaten. Stains that result from bird poop go INTO the finish, rather than sit above it. If you really do have a stain in the finish, then polishing the edges of the stain are all you can do.

Polishing the stain is kinda like feathering a patch on drywall; you're trying to de-emphasize the edge so that you can't see it. Once you can't see the cleaned/feathered "crater", be sure to fill/protect the area with wax. As with any scratch/stain/yuck, always start out mild before going abrasive.

If you look closely at the bird poo etching, especially with a magnifying glass, you can tell if it's fixable or not. If you see a bunch of little holes or spider cracks, chances are it can't be fixed. It MIGHT be able to be improved, but most likely it's something you have to live with unfortunately.

Keep us posted!! :cheers:
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