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ACK! Dang birds!

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I washed my truck today. It wasnt all that dirty, but ya know how one's Titan has to be nice and clean so i washed it.
but, WTF! i rubbed off a couple bird bombs that were on my hood, but theres still a slight "blueish" stain mark on my nice Black hood.

this is the first time ive had this trouble with bird bombs. I always remove em as soon as i see them. but this bird must of had some mad radioactive crap!

whats out there that can remove stubborn bird bomb stains? help please... :)
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Your lucky you dont have these sandhill cranes that we have down here. Its not just a little bomb, its napaulm (slp?) They will paint the entire side of any full size truck in a thick white pile of bird dung. When they are finished it looks like someone stood back and threw a pint size bucket of paint on the truck. Bad thing is, they are protected and the 45 I have with me all the time is of no use to stop them.
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