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Adam's Polishes - 2nd Generation Complete Machine Essentials Kit

Achieving perfection is now easier, with our 2nd Generation Polishing System! What makes this kit the best in the industry? German Durafoam pads, now 7.5" in diameter, with an auto-center system make it possible to put more pressure onto the surface, achieving a higher degree o perfection. This combo includes everything you need to eliminate swirl marks and spider web scratches, oxidation, and maintain surface perfection. Save $50 with this kit!

The Porter Cable Polisher is known for it's ease of use and safety features and has become the tool of professional detailers everywhere.
It's inability to "burn paint" makes it even easy enough now to allow the shadetree detailer to achieve incredible results.


Porter Cable 7424 Orbital Polisher
2nd Generation Black Waxing & Fine Polishing Pad
2nd Generation White Fine Polishing Pad
2nd Generation Orange 'Swirl Killer' Pad
Hook & Loop, thick backing plate for the Porter Cable D/A
180 Gram Clay Bar
Fine Machine Polish
Machine Super Wax
Swirl & Haze Remover
Detail Spray (use on pads while polishing)
All Purpose Cleaner (pad cleaning agent)
Two Super Plush Microfiber Polishing Towels
Instructional DVD

SKU: B2001
Weight: 20.00
Regular Price: $349.95
Special Introductory Price: $299.95 +10% off using discount code folger
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