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Adding Navigation?

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Hey there,

I was curious if I could add navigation to my KC SE? I know some dealerships online will start to put their parts catalogs on to order from, and i was considering trying this mod. What about any aftermarket companys producing mounting hardware to fit a monitor into the space where the factory nav. went?

Thanks a lot!
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If you want the exact same nav system, but adding a touch screen, go to They have 2 models. One that uses CF and one that has a hard drive. I have the Compact Flash version, I would STRONGLY recomend this one. It is fantastic. It also fits in the dash where the original nav system fits all I did was add velcro to hold it in place.
alpine and panasonic make 2 different touch screen enabled nav systems, that both use the magellen software underneath. The run around 2K, and are installed with gyroscopes, and an attachment to the transmission speed sensor. These items provide guided navigation during times when the sat.'s are not being received well enough for navigation.

Sorry, I was in HI last month so I missed your first post. If you have questions please feel free to PM me. I researched all of them then settled for the Magellen 700. I wanted something that I could take from vehicle to vehicle.
IMHO The nav system is excellent. I have it in my maxima.

I just did not want to spend that much on the extras. Yes you do get a lot of little things, but I am afarid of damage to the unit while using it as a truck.

That is why I did not purchase it.
geece1 said:
Hey Doghouse;
Are you talking about the Roadmate? I tried mounting one with a suction mount from but that flat half moon surface where the factory version is, only held for about a half hour. :(
Yes, I have the Roadmate. I contacted E-Z pass which is an automated toll payment system here on the east coast, and they have "velcro" like plastic strips. They are thick hooks on both sides that interlock. I attached them to each other, then to the Roadmate, then just pushed it onto the dash. I have never had a problem with it moving or shifting. When I want it out, I just pull it off and drop in into the cooler between the seats.
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