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Adding Navigation?

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Hey there,

I was curious if I could add navigation to my KC SE? I know some dealerships online will start to put their parts catalogs on to order from, and i was considering trying this mod. What about any aftermarket companys producing mounting hardware to fit a monitor into the space where the factory nav. went?

Thanks a lot!
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This is one of the nicest new units to have everything possbile built in.There is a 20gb harddrive built in. Has navigation and the ability to play almost everything and if you havent heard eclipse sound they have won best head unit in sound for many years and you'll love it. Then again for this you have to wait for someone to make a kit for the console. but its what im looking at for the head unit. Btw it has a option for even a rear camera system, and navigation uses both gps and speed tracking map location.
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