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Adding Navigation?

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Hey there,

I was curious if I could add navigation to my KC SE? I know some dealerships online will start to put their parts catalogs on to order from, and i was considering trying this mod. What about any aftermarket companys producing mounting hardware to fit a monitor into the space where the factory nav. went?

Thanks a lot!
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Hey Doghouse;

Are you talking about the Roadmate? I tried mounting one with a suction mount from but that flat half moon surface where the factory version is, only held for about a half hour. :(

Would appreciate any tips or expierence you have about mounting a unit in this area since the unit can't survive in that little cutout with all the G forces during acceleration and turns. I have already started reading the service manual and messing around with the dash panels but I would rather avoid that.


Doghouse said:
If you want the exact same nav system, but adding a touch screen, go to They have 2 models. One that uses CF and one that has a hard drive. I have the Compact Flash version, I would STRONGLY recomend this one. It is fantastic. It also fits in the dash where the original nav system fits all I did was add velcro to hold it in place.
Thanks, Doghouse
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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