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Adding Navigation?

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Hey there,

I was curious if I could add navigation to my KC SE? I know some dealerships online will start to put their parts catalogs on to order from, and i was considering trying this mod. What about any aftermarket companys producing mounting hardware to fit a monitor into the space where the factory nav. went?

Thanks a lot!
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Thanks for any imput you could give me!
A lot of companies have navigation units with seprare displays. However I doubt (nor have I seen) any aftermarket kits specifically for the Titan. You could probably get a local shop to put one in the factory spot for you ($$$$). The new Alpine & Pioneer units with seperate displays look nice.

I Emailed Best kits & Scoche to se if they are coming out with stereo install kits for the titan. Best kits said "not at this time". Scoch has not replied.
The eclipse AVN unit looks sweet! But it would probably be a pain to install, until someone comes up with a double DIN kit for the Titan.

Frankly, I don't know why anyone would want to pay what Nissan charges for a 2nd rate navigation system. It does look nice but for a Garmin iQue can be had for about $400 US and does a better job of routing, is portable, and is also makes a damn fine PDA.

What is wrong with the factory Nav? Is it innacurate? I was contemplating getting it, or getting a portable as you suggested. Aren't some of the options you get routed through the nav unit...tire pressure, reverse sonar... Is the unit that bad? I know I can get all this stuff aftermarket, but I will loose the integration of a factory unit. I am all confused now :crying:
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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