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Adding Navigation?

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Hey there,

I was curious if I could add navigation to my KC SE? I know some dealerships online will start to put their parts catalogs on to order from, and i was considering trying this mod. What about any aftermarket companys producing mounting hardware to fit a monitor into the space where the factory nav. went?

Thanks a lot!
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MZ3Cosmo said:
If you are talking about the Factory Nav. then you must consider two things. First, I belived that you must have the R/F option! Second is the cost! $2200 dollars is way to much, and I don't think your gonna find one in the junk yard anytime soon. A much better way to go might be to mount a Garmin Street Pilot in the same area. The new model comes with a touch screen and remote. The only drawback with the "handhelds" are the limited memory for maps. I use a Compaq Ipaq and a $20.OO travelmate gps reciver from Radio Shack. Good luck and post some pics of whatever you do!.
I have the Garmin Street pilot 2610 with the touch screen and its a fine machine indeed. Only problem I have found using it is that when I park I have to carry the damn thing with me all the time which is kind of a pain... So while I love it, I think I will be ordering the sat nav package as a part of a deal for my new truck...
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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