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Adding OEM XM radio to the NAV setup

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Hi there,

I've searched all over and I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this. I have an '06 Titan LE Crew with the factory Rockford NAV. I've found a number of sites selling the Nissan OEM XM module ~$200. Can I add this to the setup I have? It looks like it was an option on my truck. What do I need? Many sites state that if you have the rockford stereo you don't need the mounting bracket, but it doesn't state regular radio or nav. So I'm guess I need:
XM Module
XM Radio harness
XM Mag mount antenna

Anything else I might need? I'm hoping this is doable, I wasn't a big Sat radio fan, but it came in my accord, I found I really like it. I'd like to install it without any aftermarket nonsense cables running all over the cab.


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I used and prefer Schneid's method:

Look under the driver side dash carefully with a flashlight. I think you already have the NBUS cable (the RF system is pre-wired) which is connected to the back of the HU. That cable gets plugged into the XM receiver.

When I bought the OEM Nissan XM receiver, it came with some little angle mount brackets. If you want to do it the hard way, there is a special bracket to mount the XM receiver piggy back on the Rockford amp. I have done it that way also. It is somewhat of a PITA as the amp is way up on the firewall under the driver side dash.

The only other thing you might need is an antenna splitter depending on the connectors on the antenna cord and the XM receiver. I had to get a splitter, maybe they have updated the XM receiver by now?

I put the antenna on the roof and ran the cable through the third brake light and under the plastic trim strips. I used two popsicle sticks, one to lift the edge of the strips, and one to poke the antenna cable under the strip. To do it that way, you need a small deep metric socket to unbolt the third brake light, (7 or 8 mm, can't remember which).
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thanks for the reply and the link!! I didn't want to order it, pull the dash and well you know the deal... :) The one I'm looking at has one antenna connector. I'd post a link but the forum says I have to post 15 times first? *grumble* People can have avatars with nearly naked bouncing boobs, but no url.. (I like that avatar, just stating :) grin) It looks like it won't need a splitter, but it has 2 bus connectors... Probably for chaining NBUS devices? Anyhow, just in case where is a good place to get the xm antenna splitter? I'll pull the lower panel and check the for the nbus cable and go from there. I'm installing a Parrottalk kit as well, so 2 birds one stone. Can I add the factory bluetooth kit as well? I know fat chance ona 2006, but I have to ask. I'll get my kit installed and then minutes later find out I could have got a nice integrated one. :)


I think this is the splitter I bought:

seems kind of pricey, I think maybe it has doubled in price since I bought it.

You don't have to pull any panels to find the NBUS cable. Just put the driver's seat back all the way, lay down on the floor, and look up with a flashlight. Fig 1 of the instructions (which I don't recommend to follow) at the link below shows a pic of the cable. My cable was tied up elsewhere under the dash, not to the amp bracket. But it did look like the cable in the pic.

I dunno anything about bluetooth. I think there is a thread on here some where about the Parrot install if you do a search.
just installed one, no need for a splitter on the new box
You have Nav so you have the RF6 tuner. All you need is the OEM XM tuner and antenna of your chose. I have a post here or at CT with part numbers and pictures. Just click on my user name and check my post in the audio formals. Theres a bunch of install thread on this from others that well help you also. You can instill it yourself, no big deal and save yourself some bucks. Blue tooth is another ballgame, can't help you there. If you can't find what you need, PM me and I'll dig up the pictures for you and try too help the best I can. Good luck.
Thanks for the help, Set me in the right direction! No problem installing it, I've done plenty of custom installs, the install pics I saw looked like a real no brainer... I'll be routing the cable for the mic with the BT setup, so I'll have the A pillar apart, just have to run it to the 3rd brake light. Had to do it for the Nav HU install in my '04 F150, easy easy... I just wanted make sure the nav head unit would work with it. I couldn't find any posts that specifically said NAV. They all refered to the standard RF head unit. Thanks again!


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