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Adding ventilated seats?

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A few weeks ago I borrowed my buddies F1 50 eco-boost because my blower motor took a dump and I was waiting for the new part to arrive. It was hot and I was trailering the race car to the track and didn't want to die so I asked to borrow his truck. I found since trailering with his truck I've been considering trading in my Titan for an F1 50 and realistically I think the main reason why is the ventilated seats. After a hot day on the track trailering home with those seats on was such a refreshing experience, incredible! Has anyone ever added ventilated seats to the Titan? I see aftermarket kits online just not sure how that would work. I have factory heated leather seats. Any advice?

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The first couple of times I used mine it felt like I had peed my pants. There are a lot of complaints about the Ford ones. There is a guy that came out with a fix and charges $100+ for it. They make enough noise that I've wondered, "WTF is that noise?" more than once. So far, mine are effective.
how low of a trim level can you get the cooled seats on? someone is looking at f250's..... ;)
There are 5 trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. I believe the cooled seats are available in Lariat and above. Within the Lariat trim there is Value and Ultimate packages. It may be necessary to get the Ultimate package. I have a Lariat Ultimate with almost every possible option. I didn't go with the King Ranch or Platinum due to too much external bling.
Drove an XLT today. those 6.7's don't mess around. going back tomorrow to talk numbers.
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