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Hey guys new to but wanted to know what should be my first addition to my 2010 CC Titan SE 4x4. Any suggestions? Was thinking of leveling it to put some 20" (maybe 22") fuel off road wheels on it and a CAI piece.

I love my Titan. I have had it a year now and my wife has an 2010 Armada Platinum, so we are fully invested. I had a 2007 Ram 1500 4x4 TR edition prior and the Titan runs circles around it. Can't wait to put my touch on it and make it "mine."

Anyway love this site didn't know Titan owners were so passionate. Guess I have been hanging around Chevy and Ford owners too long :)
I say run with what you already suggested. Its definately a great start. I had an 07 SE 4x4 before my 2011 Pro4x and the 1st thing I did was get 20's and new tires and it didn't need a level. Then I did exhaust and CAI. My Pro4 came with a level and I liked both looks.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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