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Waterer u do research research research!! Make sure it will work read the site to find out wat to get were to go and so on. First thing is prob do the CAI my T had miles on it so I went threw it and wrote a list of wat I had to do. Pretty much all is set so I'm going with the air first and waiting wit for the exhaust I'm not sure how loud headers will sound with the exhaust the prob I find with earlier t's is that the tailpipe rots so the previouse owner of my truck put a aftermarket cat back. I cut that off and put a glass pack on it... Lol sounds pretty good but I want duel tips out .... Make sure u maintain ur truck follow oil changes hardcore and tire rotations working on nissans ive found basic maintenance recommended from factory is the best for the the cars and the trucks. If u need any help let me know I work at a nisssan dealer I'm a tec there for Nissan let me know
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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