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AEM Brute Force Falling off Throttle Body

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Hey guys,

Ive been lurkin for a while now and I've recently ran into a problem I can't figure out. I just recently bought an AEM Brute Force CAI for my truck. I installed it exactly as the instructions specified. The problem I am having now is the intake tube keeps coming off the throttle body. I put the rubber sleeve onto the throttle body then slide the intake tube in, I then proceed to crank down on both hose clamps until I cant turn them anymore. Any suggestions before I just put the stock intake back on and get rid of the AEM? BTW its on a 2012 Pro-4x. Thanks!
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Ha, I'm having a similar problem with my Volant but the filter keeps falling off the intake tube even though the screw on the hose clamp can't be tightened anymore. One member on here suggested I put some double sided tape under the hose clamp to increase the diameter but I have to admit I'm hesitant. I guess I'm concerned that if the filter falls off, that tape will get sucked into the engine.
Go to the hardware store and purchase a larger hose clamp, there is no reason for it to be falling off.
I had the same problem found out after my check engine light came on, intake tube came out of the silicone sleeve, even after tightening very well. Well after closer inspection the end of my intake tub that goes to the throttle body was out of round and no matter how hard I clamped down on it, it would still come off. Contacted customer support and they replace intake tube for me.
thanks for the replies. I actually contacted AEM and talked to a tech about the problem. He had me move the silicon sleeve off the throttle body a little bit and so far it has held. We'll see how it hold up in the long run.
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