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AEM Brute Force

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I have a used ( less than a month ) Brand new Brute Force CAI for sale. It is the Dry flow, polished one. Fits all year Titan and Armadas. I only want 200.00 plus shipping for it. Can post pics. But im sure you all know what this looks like.
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Bro you just got this say it ain't so. Why you dumping it?
AF-Medic said:
Bro you just got this say it ain't so. Why you dumping it?
Not the one on my truck....I have a buddy that bought one same time i did.....he is hurting for some cash so im helpin him out....Mine stays right where it is.....
Good man. I know whats it's like not having any dough and needing to strip parts off for some dough. Good luck selling it and hope your buddy gets back on his feet. Bump for a kick azz CAI. AEM is the best.
I'll take it if the group buy I'm in on right now falls through. Should know by wed.
put me in line as well. I am not part of the group buy so I could take it asap.
He has decided to keep it....
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