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AEM Intake & TBS installation instructions...i looked

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I did the search, couldn't find the specific instructions. I just picked mine up from a fellow tt memeber and no instructions included. Anyone have them they can scan or email to me? I didn't see an email address on aem's website. TIA.
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You dont need instructions they are just another mans opinon. The whole install is very easy just look at it for a little while and figuer it out.
Thanks for bringing me down and making me feel like an idiot:flame: ! Just kidding :evillaugh . I called AEM at the same time and they emailed them to me. If anyone needs a copy, I have it in PDF.
After looking at the first picture, you'll just figure it out without looking at the instructions. Easy to do. I've got the AEM with the Airaid TBS, also. You'll like it...Good luck.
For anyone needing AEM/Fram Boost instructions in the future.:D
Also you can skip the part about removing washer fluid bottle (Skip step J and K in the instruction), no need to take it out. Remove two bolt from factory airbox and yank on it, it will than expose the 3rd bolt.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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