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My first question to you is; why do you want or need a Big Brake Kit? In my experience, the only reason to go with that type of kit would be: Racing! There is actually 'enough' brake system there with the factory components, they just need a QUALITY upgrade. In other words, by changing over to a Higher Quality pad compound, such as the Hawk 'LTS. And upgrading to an ULTRA PREMIUM Rotor, such as our Slotted Cryo-Treated Frozen Rotors. You will accomplish 2 things; You truck will stop much better, AND the rotors will wear longer, with out heat cracking, 'warping' and run cooler due to the slotting. (Slotting lowers the rotor temperatures by about 120 degrees).
The biggest part of this set up is....the MONEY YOU HAVE SAVED! To finish it all off, I'd replace the stock brake hoses with Stainless Steel lines for a firmer, harder brake pedal, and eliminate the chances of the lines collapsing due to age and use.

You would possibly have to purchase a larger wheel and tire combination if you were to use a BBK as well. That may or may not be part of the upgrade your looking for?
The other options are to use the 2008 Factory front rotors and calipers. In my opinion, there are only marginal gains to be had by adopting this set up. The increase in rotor diameter is only about 5mm, and it appears as though Nissan only increased rotor thickness on one side of the rotors. Not worth the hassle and expense in my humble opinion.

If you have additional questions or would like an estimate, please contact me at:


Keith Miller

[email protected]

High Performance Brake Pads and Brake Rotors - Frozen Rotors

1.888.323.8456 / 952.746.8880
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