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after market dvd head units available for 08 titans???

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what kind of dvd/cd/mp3 head unit can be used on 08 titans?
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imo i love alpine never had a prob with any product i ever bought. can either remove stock radio. or place in top of the dash where the ( change holder/ center channel speaker)

Pioneer and kenwood also sell a single din unit that will fit.

think metra just released an adapter for the stock location radio to make these units fit.
From the Metra website:

Owners of the popular 2008 Nissan Titan who want flexibility in creating an aftermarket mobile entertainment system have the perfect means available with Metra’s 95-7424 dash kit.

The versatile 95-7424 includes parts for the installation of one double-DIN radio or two single-DIN radios to accommodate today’s most popular A/V system configurations. Its custom design allows the retention of factory climate controls and the passenger airbag light in their original location for easy, seamless installation and convenient access.

As with all Metra dash kits, the 95-7424 features contouring, texturing and painting to match the factory dash – and includes all necessary hardware for a complete installation, and a comprehensive instruction manual.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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