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After Market Sun Visors?

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let me start, lest i get flamed for talking bad about the truck, i love my titan. hehehe.

that said, i don't like the stock sun visors at all. they're hella cheap looking and feeling (in my opinion). i have the 04 XE btw.

anyone know of any after market visors?
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The only after market I've seen so far is the one with monitor built into it.
damn. i wonder if the SE and LE ones are higher quality or if they're all the same? and if they're better... if they'd fit in an XE.

I was thinking the same thing. Ive been looking for a set to compare.
Can you post a picture of the XE Visors, I'll post some SE visors for comparison.
SirKeats said:
damn. i wonder if the SE and LE ones are higher quality or if they're all the same?
yes, SE and LE visors are different (read: better/sturdier), I think they even have the 'pull-out' extension ... XEs are cheap/flimsy
Yes, The XE sun visors are cheesy. With both windows down and the rear slider open they flap in the wind like a bird.


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Here's the LE/SE visors.
1st Visor down
2nd Secondary visor
3rd With extension out
4th Side view to show thickness


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oooo... nice. i'm sure the le's would fit in an xe truck right? anyone selling these online? i'm sure the dealer would bend me over for a set. lol.
I also have the XE titan. I would love to change out my visors as well. I looked up oem se/le visors online they are 80.26 for the left and 80.26 for the right. that is from the website nissan parts cheap.
What about the lighting hookup for the passenger side vanity mirror, would that be difficult to do?
As long as we're talking about visors, anyone know how too get the lousy stickers off without messing the visor up?
TitanLou said:
thanks for the link TL!

i'm a little confused by that schematic. which part is it that i would need if i just wanted to swap the visor? is it 96400 and 96401 or 96400+A and 96401+A? or do i need every single part on that screen? LOL

also, the header there says "Sunvisor - 2004+ All Models" which would lead me to believe that the LE and SE ones are just as chinsy as the XE ones. is that the case?
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