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Aftermarket 17" Wheels for Titan 4WD?

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I don't think I have seen much in the way of aftermarket 17" wheels for the Titan 4WD on this forum or others. Has anybody got the urge to install new wheels? Or have you actually fulfilled the urge, and layed down cash for new wheels? Would be very interested in seeing some photos. Took at look at tirerack, but did not like any of the wheels they had.
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Here is the 17's I run on my 2002 Frontier CC 4x4. I will switch them to my future Titan if they fit ok.
ARE Diamond 17x8 6x5.5 ($157 ea).
Got them here
They have a live web cam you can manipulate and check out the entire inventory on their walls (warehouse type place). You can even zoom in on prices and sizes. You just have to fight for control of the camera with the other people on-line (or let them do the driving).
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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