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Aftermarket Amp with Stock Rockford Fosgate System

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Anyone ever replace their stock amp with one that puts out a bit more power? I like the factory Rockford Fosgate system and when I've got my Ipod plugged in, the sound quality and volume is great but when listening to a CD or the radio, it seems I don't get the same sound quality. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Do you think I'd get better performance if I added another sub and an amp for that sub? What items would I need to tie that aftermarket stuff into my stock system? Seems like I would get better performance if I went this route.
Hmmm that's funny, 'cuz the quality of a cd or the radio in my truck is great, but not so much when I have my AUX plugged in with the iPod...:huh:
Hard to say...I assume you've got the stock Fosgate system? When I've got the volume up on my IPOD I get more low end and clarity overall through my speakers. What's the quality of the recordings on your IPOD? I know I've got a song or two that's garbage and they don't sound good no matter if I've got 'em running through the stereo or headphones.
FSU, what year is your Titan? I only ask because dacyj has the same issue and he has an 04. Mine's an 08. Just wonder if they've changed any components up beween the years that cause the differnce in performance from the AUX jack.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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