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Aftermarket CD/DVD/Video/Nav/iPod/XM question

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I'm planning to upgrade in the next two weeks and I wanted to know your opinions on the best unit. I want a double din unit that is capable of iPod video as well as music, XM compatible, and has either built in Nav or has the ability to upgrade to nav. I would like the unit to be touchscreen. I would like to be able to upload my own wallpapers. I would like the iPod integration to be easy to use and work smooth and quick. I would like there to be a good EQ and sound control in the unit. And I would like the best picture quality possible.
So, with all that said... let me know your opinions. Also give me a ball park price if you could.
Thank you
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The Pioneer AVIC-D3 would take care of your needs. Kind of on the high side of the $$$ range, but nice. You can find them for around $999...maybe less if ya search. Crutchfield has it for $899 on sale now.
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