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Aftermarket DVD Nav. software......

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I've searched this forum high and low for hours and couldn't find an answer so here goes.....

With the factory navigation system is it possible to use aftermarket software such as Delorme or Rand McNally for example or does it only read Nissan/Infinity discs? And if only Nissan/Infinity discs, are there updated versions available and at what cost? I've only had the truck for about a month now and I've already traveled into areas where the factory unit does not provide much, if any, information. The streets in these areas change to green (day screen) with no names and the voice guidance warns me that I'm entering an area that they pretty much have no information on. And were not talking about dirt roads, these are major through-ways...state roads, U.S. highways, etc....that just happen to far away from any major metropolitan areas. You know, the kind of places that you actually NEED directions to.

Thanks for any helpful info, any and all answers are appreciated.
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Depending on your model year you can get upgraded disc here, but they are still Nissan's software. If the area is fairly new it will be about two to three years before it get updated on any system.
Only the Zernin discs can be used in the Navigation System. Anything else will either be spit back out or simply not load.
Thanks guys, that's what I needed to know.
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