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Hey guys, new to the thread and the Titan family. Just recently purchased a '17 King Cab Titan and I have found it impossible to locate custom fit floor liners for the 2nd row. Weathertech, Husky, etc. all seem to only make the custom floor liners for the Crew Cab, not the KC. Does anyone know where I can find custom fit floor liners for the King Cab model? I can't be the first person to ask this question but I could not find specifics in my search. If the Weathertech models designed for a CC would fit a KC, let me know. I figure someone out there has given it a try.

I have called Weathertech directly and nobody can give me a straight answer other than they cannot guarantee fit. I figured that much, but measurements or any additional information would be helpful, so I can see if I can modify the 2nd row liners to fit. I'm assuming the front liners would fit in any model Titan, so long as the seat construction is the same. I've spoken with representatives at Cabela's, Car ID, Auto Anything, Real Truck, Weathertech etc. and nobody can provide me information about the 2nd row liners on the KC. I'm amazed at how difficult this search has become. I am interested in durable, quality liners of any brand name at this point, for the 2nd row of my KC. Any helpful information is greatly appreciated!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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