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I've never been one to mod a vehicle much, but I've decided to start making my 2014 Titan 4x4 CC into a more aggressive looking, slightly more capable off-road truck. I already installed Bilsteins and don't really want to lift the truck bc it is my DD and I love the ride and stance now. I can run 33s I'm fairly certain as is, so I don't need more lift I don't think.

Here is what I'm having trouble with:
Front bumper: I'd like an off-road style bumper that isn't massive. I am leaning toward something smaller in profile closer to factory profile, but I do like a push bar. The 4x4 shops I've consulted say there just aren't many options for the Titan. I don't buy that. One shop recommended ADD Venom. I'm hoping folks on here can give me some recommendations on a nice off-road style front bumper.

Wheels: I love the factory wheels, but I would like to run a wider tire. My understanding is I'll likely need to get wheels with more back-spacing to allow me to do so. I am looking for recommendations on a simple, tough looking black wheel. Nothing crazy and I don't want to go bigger than stock 18inch. Might even consider stepping down to 17 inch in fact.

Thanks for the advice!
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