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Aftermarket Hitch install 2016 XD

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Installed a hitch on my 2016 XD this morning or 90% installed one of the spring shackle bolts used to secure the hitch was cross threaded and is now useless. Can anyone here please get me the specs for the bolts that go into the spring shackle. I tried calling the parts dept at my local dealers but they are clueless. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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I pulled a bolt out of the rear leaf spring shackle it is a m12x1.25 it's a fine thread got a replacement from McMaster Carr a industrial supplier out here in CA. For my install it was 10 bolts total removed and reinstalled for the XD hitch. It's a 17mm head and those bolts are in there tight your not going to get them out without an impact.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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