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Aftermarket LCD/DVD

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First, I'm new to the group and would like to say "hey". I bought my Titan two weeks after seeing one for the first time. I went with the Red Brawn Crew cab 4x4.

Second, I'm curious if anybody has added an aftermarket LCD and DVD player. My truck has the ceiling console added as part of its option package and I'd like to add a flip down screen and player. Any information you have on brands, models and prices (cheaper the better) would be appreciated.
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Sabre66 said:
Have your checked out Crutchfield? They usually have a bunch of stuff like that avaiable.

Hey Mombo could you post some pticture of your truck in the "pictures" section. I'd like to see the Red Brawn color out in the real world. I'm torn between Red Brawn and Cool Water. Thanx :cheers:

If you're looking to see some pics of Red Brawn, then check the link out at the bottom. That's our truck a day after we picked it up. It was a nice balmy 14 degrees out. We thought we weren't going to like the Red Brawn color because of the "red" in its name and how it appeared on Nissan's website. However, when we actually looked at it in person the color was much more maroon/burgundy with flakes than red. We too considered Deep Water, but the Red Brawn was the better optioned truck in stock.

Red Brawn
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