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The install was simple all you do is disconnect the two water lines going to the cooler and use a bypass and connect them together. Then you remove the oil filter drain the oil remove the mounting nut set it aside and the oil cooler then comes off. You then grab the new oil cooler gasket and the oil cooler and place the oil ring in the groove that the flexalite sandwich adapter has. You can now use the OEM mounting nut to mount the oil cooler. Then only thing left is running the hoses to the new oil cooler which I ran under the radiator support and use up to the cooler which I sandwich between the lower radiator and fan. I can post some pic later this week when I do my lower grille mod.

Let me get this right?
You removed the stock oil filter adapter/mount and installed the F-O-L adapter in it's place?

How do I know if the stock cooler has gone bad?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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