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Let me get this right?
You removed the stock oil filter adapter/mount and installed the F-O-L adapter in it's place?

How do I know if the stock cooler has gone bad?
I have removed my factory oil cooler.. I didn't think the new universal oil cooler adapter would work.. so after I pulled the 2 hoses off.. everything easy ez.. but my problems are.. 1 I put the 2 hoses on. The added a 5 Gt jug.. my dipstick read no oil.. I started the T up.. then a mixture oil and water came out my radiator and filled up my overflow.. my 08T. Never. Ran hot.. but now I have milkshake every were.. on the ground in my radiator on my dipstick.. does this mean my heads are gone.. are do I need to flush everything.. somebody help..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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