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Aftermarket Stereo Install no Lows - Please Help

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Hi, Well I hope I won`t be sounding stupid but here it goes.

I installed an Aftermarket stereo Pioneer DEH-5900IB. I have used wiring harness for Nissans to connect to the speaker wires in the car. - OK this works !!

But I also replaced all speakers and tweeters with 2 Sets of Components. MB Quart RSB215 (6 1/2) front and Infiniti 6010cs for the back. All speakers seem to work to some extent, but I absolutely do not get any bass (it seems like any bass I get comes out from tweeters).

Can anyone point me in the right direction, as I seems stuck. I am pretty sure everything connected correctly and I do not believe I must get an amp.
But if you think otherwise please let me know.

Thanks in advance, ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME.

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may want to check, if you havent already, you high / low pass crossover settings on you deck. that would be my first guess. sound quality varies with different brands of speakers. or better yet....just turn those crossovers off on your deck. bass should come out of your new speakers then. if not, at least you have eliminated that step.
There no crossover settings on the CD player , only "High Pass Filter" which is off, so this does not seem to be a problem.
Played with all possible setting on the cd player without any luck, problem must definatly be somewhere else.
Did your truck have the "Rockford Fosgate package" before you installed this setup?
No it was regular CD without changer.
Hmm thats interesting...

One thing for sure is that you wont get a lot of bass out of any component set running it off of a aftermarket head unit. An amp would really help your situation... Its something to consider but I'd first check all your connections and make sure that everything is wired properly. Are you sure that you hooked the tweeter ouput to the tweeter and the woofer up to the woofer on the crossover?
Yes checked it again, same thing. By the way I tried 2 pioneer receivers and both are same thing. Any other sugestions ?
Get an amp :)
When you installed your new speakers did you pay attention to connecting plus to plus and minus to minus? It sounds as if your speakers are out of phase. Try reversing the wiring on one of the speakers to see if there is any difference in sound (fade to front and swap wiring to one of the front speakers, then fade to rear and try swapping there).
Will try that once I get home, but how come I get absolutely no base on any of the speakers ? even if I would have messed up one ?
When speakers are connected out of phase, sound adds and subtracts at various frequencies across the audio spectrum. As one listens to such a configuration some sounds will appear enhanced, other sounds will be weak - the overall impression is that there are 'holes' in the sound. Placement of the speakers (distance from each other, etc) will determine which frequencies add and which cancel.

A quick test would be to fade the channels such that only one speaker is producing audible sound, this will minimize the out of phase effect.

The other thing to consider is that quality speakers are usually low efficiency, that is, they require more power to properly drive them than the high efficiency OEM speakers. It is possible that you need more power than the new HU can deliver to drive the new speakers to produce the bass you are looking for. The new HU should be able to deliver approximately 20 watts RMS to the speakers (per channel), a 50 to 80 watts RMS per channel amp will give you better sound.
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Fade it to the front and then Just balance it to one side. If the bass comes back when you do this its out of phase. so then take one set of front speakers . and switch the positive and negative. do the same thing to rear. Id oes not matter if the the speakers are in phase or out of phase as long as they both the same. Either both in phase or both out phase. If this does not woprk make sure the crossovers that came with quarts are installed correctly
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