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Do you still have TPS in aftermarket wheels: yes/no?

Aftermarket wheels and Tire sensors yes/no?

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So I'm having a bit of trouble with my Rockstars. I went from losing pressure fast to slow after retightning them down. But they still seem to lose air at about .5psi a day. I'm checking them every day at the same time to avoid any inconsistencies due to ambient temperature. I'm getting to the point of saying the hell with it and remove them. How many of you guys are still using your TPS in aftermarket rims? Also did any of you have issue like mine?
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Did you replace the gaskets before you swapped them over? The tire shop may have screwed them up installing them. If they don't get the gasket in perfectly, it will leak pressure.

I have my TPS in my Mojave's and have no problems with losing pressure.
dragonhead08 said:
Yea, they had to use new gaskets because the originals were too small for the KMC's
They may not have seated them properly. Is the air getting past the seal?
54warrior said:
I, personally, think that TPS' are a joke and just something else to cause headaches, just like you are having. There is no need for a Tire Pressure monitoring system on any vehicle. We only have them thanks to those morons out there who fail to ever check ANYTHING on their vehicle, let alone the tire pressures, much less do a "walk around" before they hop in and take off down the highway. Rant over!
Thats the same reason we have power robbing smog equipment, for those same idiots that do not maintain their vehicles. Just gas and go. I'm surprised that half of them actually remember to change their oil!

Personally, I like the TPS system. It reminds me to air back up after my off road expiditions.
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