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age vs mileage

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I am considering buying a used Titan and have two good options available but need some opinions to sway me one way of the other. I never considered buying a Titan until a few days ago when I test drove one and loved it. The first one I am considering is a 2006 SE with FFV, very clean, with only 74,000 miles and a cap over the bed. the other option is a 2011 SE, also very clean, tonneau cover, with 128,000 miles. The 2011 is only $350 more. do I take the less mileage older vehicle or the 5 year newer with 50K more miles?
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All will expiernece the cracked manifold issue usually between 90-130K miles. Do not replace with manifolds any make unless you want the price tag again in a year or so. Longtube headers are the fix and Cajun Bpipes has the entire header package cheaper than manifolds. Its not a cheap fix beware.

Look for leaking rear axle seals which are very common 04-06 and remained a issue 07+ but not as common.

I have 190K mike on my 2005 FFV and absolutely love it. Best truck I have ever owned. Some of my customers have over 300K
thanks for the info about the manifold, i had heard about the rear axle leaks on the 04-06
Manifold and axle leaks are there also in the 07 and newer. These trucks are basically unchanged since 2004.
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