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Hi guys,

If anyone has gotten a notice telling you to get your air bag control unit re-programmed and put it off, I urge you to do it right away. I got one of these notices ~2 months ago and had been putting it off.

This past Saturday, I got to a friend's house and hopped out of my car (but had left the radio on,) after I slammed my door shut both of my side curtain air bags deployed. Sounded like someone had fired a gun in my car (and smelled like it too!)

If my kids had been in the back seat I can see it easily snapping one of their necks! I took my truck in to a dealer today and was told Nissan corporate would probably be sending an investigator over tomorrow and getting back with me...

I'll attach the letter I got - 2011 Nissan Titan (S CC 4x4.) Text Document Paper Font Paper product
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