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Air Bag Lock

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I looked on the Marboral Nissan Site at their Titan goodies. They have air bag bolt locks for sale. Is this a common problem, getting your bags stolen. I realize some midnight body shops would love to have a crack-head suppling them with stolen air bags, but, is this really a big deal, or overkill??? :dunno:
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Airbags being stollen is a big deal. They cost thousands to replace and thieves know this and that is why they are so attractive to them. If I wan't so lazy I would get some locks for mine.
Airbag locks/ wheel locks/ spare tire locks are almost a necessary things to insure that your vehicle stays whole. Now if you have suspension airbags and someone is crazy enough to take those I'd say more power to them if they can get them out lol. I hate when people steal from others it really makes me mad that I even have to think about locking my padlocks together :flame:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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