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Air Bag Lock

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I looked on the Marboral Nissan Site at their Titan goodies. They have air bag bolt locks for sale. Is this a common problem, getting your bags stolen. I realize some midnight body shops would love to have a crack-head suppling them with stolen air bags, but, is this really a big deal, or overkill??? :dunno:
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BrokeRecord said:
I'll hold off awhile on the locks. But, evidently Dodge truck cat convertors are easy prey.A local dealer lost 12 or so one Sunday night a few months ago. Yep, he got caught trying to sale to a wrecking yard.
I'd like to hook up 220 volts to mine and dare em to come and get it!:deathsent
Cat Converters are an issue here. Trucks are easy prey because of the high clearance. The first park&ride lots went up here about 10 years ago and they get hit hard, so do some car lots, walmarts. I think the crackheads get about 60 bucks for them. I'd say the area I'm in is much safer than average, at least it used to be.

Now all you really have to do is just find an area with no crack or heroin problems like...errrr....there's ummmnnn .....nevermind.

.....Good to see the "War on Drugs" is being won. With all these busts, they must be on the edge of victory :) yup, any day now
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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