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Air bag shocks?

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Does anyone here have experience with air bag shocks? I just picked up my Titan a few weeks ago and noticed an air valve next to the receiver. Somehow looking over the truck for rust and whatnot, I failed to notice the air bags above the axle. They're Firestone RideRites, if the sticker underneath is an indicator. The manual for the RideRites says they're for ride leveling when towing. When I checked them, there was 0psi in them. So of course I put a bunch of air in them just to see what would happen. Well, I'll tell ya, the bed lifted a few inches with about 30psi. This may be a good thing to know when I pull some heavier trailers.

I was wondering if anybody has more input on these?

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You need to keep about 5 psi in them all the time. Air bags are used for leveling the load, not for hauling heavier loads than the truck is designed for.
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