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Air Razor?

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Has anyone tried one of these things? I know it is probably a gimmick, but the theory sounds true enough. One of the things I retained from college is when getting liquid out of a 5 gallon bottle to mix up a large container of adult beverages is that swirling the water in the container you are pouring from until a whirlpool is created inside of the bottle gets the liquid out much quicker. I can picture the same process inside of my air intake. Even if I only get a 2 mpg increase it will pay for itself rather quickly. They even sell it in a kit with a "fuel ionizer" made of rare earth magnets. I realize that magnets aren't going to ionize the hydrocarbons in the fuel, but again...if it even does a little... Anyone tried them?


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I have heard there a gimmic, but then I think TB spacers are gimmics also....
If these things worked the thread explaining where to buy them and how to install would be the most popular on TT. It's a scam pure and simple.
Dont mess with it. Getting air in quicker (if it actually could)isn't going to help w/ HP's, fuel economy or whatever else it claims to do. Volume of air is the key, and your throttle body dictates volume. TBS's dont work on fuel injected vehicles, so I would'nt mess w/ them either (although they do make a cool "swooshing" sound when on the throttle).
I fall for the Vortex effect of TBS that has a Buttress Thread in it, but i'm not magnetizing my fuel!

Can somebody point me to details of why TB does not work on fuel injected system? I'd like to see the theory on that.
these things are kinda like the TIGERS in an overtime game!!!!!! just doesn't work!!!!!!!
i bet this thing with the ebay performance chip will give us 100 more hp and 23 more mpg!! :jester:
blackjack - You were wrong for that comment."misslelau That was so not called for.
my bad but when you have the national title game in your sites, you can't go down in OT!!! give the ball to Hester!
blackjack 7 said:
give the ball to Hester!
I must have said that a hundred times!

It's painful being a Louisiana Football fan. The Saints have always sucked and the Tigers aren't making me feel good either.
blackjack 7 said:
my bad but when you have the national title game in your sites, you can't go down in OT!!! give the ball to Hester!
That what i said too. Then i see them line up in 3 out formation and was like o god this isnt going to be good. lol I don't know why they keep doing that they barley ever have success with that play.
Works great, I got 94 RWHP gain and I now get 47 MPG
OK - So everyone is bashing this thing - I get it. Now if someone would please answer my question...Has anyone TRIED one of these things?
sorry for avoiding the question or getting of subject.

answer: nope, never tried it.
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