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AIR SHOCKS or AIR BAGS??? Need Help!

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I have recently done the mod where you remove a leaf (the one above the overload spring) so that my truck sits level, and am wondering what would be better for me, the Gabriel air shocks or Air Bags. All I am wanting is to be able to still haul a decent load on a trailer with out sitting on my frame. I have read a lot about the Air Bags and they seam to be good, haven't heard much about the Gabriel Air Shocks. What do you guys think?
Also, was I correct in removing the leaf above the overload or was I to remove the overload spring itself??? :paranoid:

Gabriel Air Shocks:
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I never recommend air shocks because the factory shock mounts were never designed to be weight bearing...I'd bag it...
I have air bags and really like them. My Titan still sits nice when loaded and pulling my camper.
will 20/10 in wheels fit under a leveling kit ??
Barratt said:
will 20/10 in wheels fit under a leveling kit ??
Depends on what tire you want to run. 45 problem at all. 325/65 20...not a chance.
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