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Airaid MXP

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WTB airaid MXP intake system for my T. If anyone has one used they would want to part with, let me know! Also in the market for throttle body spacer. Thanks in advance!!!
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i have read the throttle body doesn't do much besides whistle haha. if you want a good price on an intake S&B are good. just got my today. i read that the afraid has a bit more performance though
I just put on a s&b and I really like it. I've heard a little better performance with mxp, but heard better mileage with s&b.
Airaid, S&B and Volant seem to be the most widely used ones. Of all of those, I have been told the Airaid offers the most performance. It's a monstrous intake. Overall I've seen maybe a .5 mpg increase over the 5,000 or so miles I've had it installed, a minor however slightly noticeable impact on the butt dyno, but above all that is the sound. This thing freaking howls at WOT. I'm still in love with the sound over a year later.

As with any CAI, you're going to see the biggest gains in conjunction with other exhaust mods, so keep that in mind.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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