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Airbag and Shock Question...

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I am planning on replacing my front shocks with Bilsteins and putting the Firestone ride rite airbags in the rear. SHould I also replace my rear shocks or with the airbags will it even make a difference?
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I assume in your need for extra capacity, you are carrying extra weight, so DEFINITELY get better shocks. The factory ones are geared for ride comfort with normal truck weight, and really lack for hauling/towing control. If you haven't already bought the air bags, may I also give my two cents on them, they work, but I still felt the need for more control(ie: sway/anti-roll bar for the rear axle). There is a product that does both: Roadmaster Active Suspension. The guys that have it swear by it!! It's on my list when funds permit/bags fail, which ever comes first.
Get new Bilstein rears too.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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