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airbag light

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treid everything i found here to get my airbag light to turn off to no avail. last night i pulled the fuse in the right instrumnet panel, inspected and found ok. reinstalled and the light is going out correctly. Must have been a little corrosion due to the proximity to the door and outside moisture.
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Mine was blinking earlier probably from accidently unplugging a harness or something like that while installing my bluetooth handsfree today. I used the turn key to on, let sit for 7 seconds, turn off with 1 second, wait at least 3 seconds, repeat two more times, and then turn to on to get to diagnostics mode. Then the code that it gave me pretty ment that I needed to go back to work to get a Consult II. I decided to turn the ignition back off and then back on to clear the code method.
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