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airbags, new shocks,!!

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I keep reading about all of this and am confused a little. I have a NON BT 05 4x4 king cab...tows my trailer fine it seems...(5400 empty)....I would like the rig to sit straighter upon hookup...I have an equalizer WD hitch, so that is not a problem....I know that I need new tires....What should I look for??.....I would also like to get stiffer shocks (?) or just put in the airbags I have heard about....I just want to have a little more weight at the front of the truck....can the equalizer hitch be adjusted for this?.....thanks for the input
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Yes, you can adjsut the Equal-I-Zer to get more weight off the rear and onto the rear... Add washers to the button between the shank and the hitch...

You want LT (Light Truck) tires, the Titan comes with P (Passenger Vehicle) tires.. You will have a little stiffer ride, but what you gain in normal and towing handling is WAY worth the trade off...

Air bags are great, worth it, just set them up with their own air line.. That way they work as independent spring..
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