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airbags or airshocks?

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hey guys im new to forums but i have a question... im renting a 26' vortex toy hauler for a glamis run which is about a 300 mile drive, and when all said and done the trailer is gonna be about 9000 lbs, now should i get airbags or airshocks on my truck?

( i have a 05 se kingcab with BT package)
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bags for sure
My vote is for Air Bags as well!
Bags, more versatile, and comfortable.
The shock brackets were never designed to be load bearing...
That's a big-a$$ trailer to tow...even bigger to rent.
yea i know its a huge trailer to rent but i got 4 people going with me and we got a smoking deal on the trailer so we got it. im gonna see how the truck does with the leaf spring helpers i got and if those dont work then im gonna go buy the bag set up... thanks for your input guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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