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Airs Bags or Timbrens?

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to the Nissan Titan. Just bought a 2007 Crew Cab SE with factory installed tow package. I bought the vehicle to tow my horses/horse trailer. I know very little about trucks, so if I sound like noob it is because I am one. :)

I've been told by several people I *need* to get airs bags. Then I have people telling me Timbrens do the same thing and you can just put them on and forget about it. I really don't know which is best. Any ideas?

I also was given a leveling kit from the person that sold me the truck that raises the front end to make it level. Would this be wise to have for towing purposes?

I am trying to get this truck ready and want to be sure I choose the right equipment. I would really appreciate any feedback you guys have!

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Welcome to Titan Talk!

You shouldn't "need" air bags if you are towing within the capabilities of the truck. If all you are going to use the truck for is towing and don't care about having a leveled looking truck, then leave the leveling kit off.

However, air bags are nice to have (luxury item), especially with a leveling kit. It allows you to adjust the rear of the truck and does help with stability. Also, it allows someone like me to have a leveled truck for daily driving with no load and a leveled truck when towing my trailer with a dirtbike in the bed. I have a bicycle pump behind the back seat that I can use to inflate the bags where ever I am, so no need for a compressor.
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I would suggest airbags if you add the leveling kit if not then you are fine. I pull my little two horse bumper pull with two horses and the truck is fine, it sits level once loaded. If you do decide not to have install the leveling kit, let me know.

As for electric brakes, I would suggest Prodigy. They are pricey but set up is easy.

Welcome to TT!!
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