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Am I missing a driveshaft weight?

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Weird driveline vibration started recently so I took the usual steps... Rotate and balance tires (new w/only 5k miles on them), no Joy. Have an alignment done (needed done anyway) still no luck.

THEN I did what I should have done...looked on Titantalk. Yep, crawl under the truck and the front U-Joints are trash.

I pulled the shaft so I can drive tomorrow and get the U-joints but I noticed this... looks like I may be missing a weight?

What do you think?

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It looks to be a blank space where a weight may have once been. But it is very difficult to see with just a thumbnail photo.
I guess at this point it wouldn't hurt to have it balanced just in case.
It was indeed a missing weight, which caused a vibration, which destroyed the U-joint.

Local shop did both joints and a balance job in under an hour
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