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AM radio issues

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Took my 06 Titan in for an oil change last week. Lately my AM reception has gotten very fuzzy but still usable. I asked service man to check it out, upon checking he says they can't fix it and would just replace....when I get back in my truck AM reception is COMPLETLY gone......anyone had this before, should I be pissed at my service guy??

Also, I have the RF system and had it freeze up once while playing mp3 but diconnected battery and it worked fine....other than that love it

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Didnt even know my truck had AM.......sorry cant help.

Just let them replace the whole thing....if its under warranty that is.
AM radio sucks......but my one and only favorite sports talk radio station is on it so I gotta have it! And no I don't have any warranty left.
Ask nicely if it can be fixed free under "good will."

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