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Amp & 8" sub question?

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So I got a 8" kicker sub and a precision power amp (not sure about the specs) what should I do with them? I'm thinking a box under the passenger seat for the 8" sub. On a side note I'm running one 12" p1 under the back seat w a separate amp, do I need 2 amps?
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I think it'd be best to run two amps... But I think two very different subs wont sound good combined together. You'd constantly be trying to keep them in balance.
Thats PPI amp is one of the last real PPi amps
I was hoping the 8 could pick up the bass that my 12 misses. Idk I guess I could sell them if I can't use them
your right you could tune the amp for you 8 to hit the mids that the 12's miss and set your 12 to hit lower
you could possibly bridge the power/remote from your other amp to save you running more wires..
I had a setup many many moons ago with two 12''s and two 10''s I though it was perfect having the two picking up different frequency's

<edit> didnt read OP properly >.< . .it would be best to run a seperate amp.. If you bridge off that one amp chances are the subs will not fire at the same time one will be more responsive giving you a cancellation effect in turn you get a messed up sound
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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